a uniquely Finnish quality;
the word used to typify the Finnish spirit;
a concept that is at the heart of how all Finns view themselves;
a certain feature or value considered by Finns to be typically Finnish

- endurance, resilience, tenacity, determination, perseverance

- an inner reserve of diligence, capacity, the ability to face head-on and always overcome

- craziness: the recklessness that inspires a person to take on something in the face of incredible odds

- bravery, empowerment, inner strength

Gritting your teeth, continuing to fight against an overwhelming enemy, clearing a forest with your
bare hands, continuing on to win a race even after falling.

Sisu means that you finish what you start, you donít quit in the middle of a job, and you donít whine.

"It doesnít take sisu to go to the North Pole; it takes sisu to stand at the door when the
bear is on the other side."